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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Clean Slate

It's been a while since I blogged and recently, I feel like I want to write again- but the old blog and content didn't feel right anymore. Graduate school, while only two years ago, seemed so very far away and the person I was then seemed like a foreigner to the woman I am now. 

I'm still a paper and pen girl- and nothing says fresh start like a fresh sheet of notebook paper and a new page in the planner. 

But I still wanted the clean slate. So I sat with the discomfort and thought about what it would look like to start a new blog. What would the name be, what would I write about? The old questions came back up...I tried brainstorming name after name but nothing felt as right as PB & N felt. 

So we got a refresh-new layout, and I decided to delete my old content. Contentious choice, I know- but it gave me the reboot feel that I wanted and so I just went ahead and did it. 

Where am I now? For those readers who may still be connected to this blog on bloglovin' they may recall that I lived with a Fraternity in graduate school, worked a sum of three jobs, and spent the few precious spare moments I had with my cat and the occasional book or side project. I have come quite a long way from those days. 


I work from home and for a sorority's headquarters- not my own organization, but this opportunity has been a dream come true! I travel the country recruiting and establishing new chapters. It is a job I could only have imagined existing two years ago, and likely would be something that I designed myself if I had the opportunity to. I am on the road a lot and while sometimes I get homesick for introvert time and peace of mind, the work is fun and I get to meet a lot of great people doing what I do every day! 

Nutella Marie, my sweet baby girl (she is nearly 13 - I have got to get a grip) , lives with my boyfriend and I in our apartment- in downtown Boston. Yep, Massachusetts still has its claws on this Jersey girl. Since my S.O.'s work is based here in Boston, we're not looking at leaving anytime soon. Our apartment is comfortable, and right downtown- we are really lucky to be living where we do for the price we have (for those of you not in MA, check out this article on what $1,000 will get you in living expenses by state to gain some perspective on what I'm talking about) so for now we are staying and enjoying what we've got.  

Oh, and I am now senza glutine. Gluten Free. So PB sandwiches on cheap white bread no longer are in the dietary allowances. That has come with its own trials and tribulations which might make its way on here eventually. 

So follow along here! Maybe the blog will have some staying power now that I have some stability and time- at the very least there will be a lot of travel to some fun (and unconventional) places! I can't (and won't) promise there will be a new update every day or even every week, but at the very least this will be the great commentary to accommodate my instagram feed. 


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