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Monday, May 15, 2017

Shotgun Summer

Summer may not have started temperature wise here in Boston, but it sure does feel like it's as close to summer as I am going to get! With college campuses winding down for the spring semester and focusing on graduation, the Fraternal world lulls a little bit at this time of year. I just got back home from a fabulous friendship cruise to Havana, Cuba and the Bahamas (longer post on the trip way overdue) but already want to be back out on that ocean and celebrating summer! 

Sipping on some fresh Coconut Water in the Havana Market

The unfortunate thing is that summer already feels partially over. Work will pick up again in earnest when August 1 comes around so I've got June and most of July to enjoy - and May already is halfway gone!! Where does the time go?? This year our summer is pretty low key because boyfriend has class 3/4 Saturdays of each month, and I am traveling for one of them due to my work schedule, leaving us with a whopping 3 weekends to plan weekend-long fun in. We've planned to spend some time with my family over Memorial Day weekend, spend a weekend in Florida for his birthday celebration, Portsmouth with his family, and the Fourth of July still is not planned. We're hoping that we can just spend the majority of the summer making the most of the time we have together and with friends before I hit the road for five weeks August-September for the next extension project in Oklahoma. 

To date, I've been tearing through beach reads (a round up of those coming soon), catching up on TV (Shark Tank, Say Yes to the Dress, & Ru Paul's Drag Race among the favorites),  and we're experimenting with Whole 30 for the next month (stay tuned for that post). But so far I'd say my chilly summer is off to a great start! Looking forward to some warmer weather here in Boston tomorrow and even better temperatures in Oklahoma this week while I'm on the road! 

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