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Monday, April 24, 2017

Retreating- at Home

This week it's family retreat time!

With boyfriend getting a new job, he wanted to take time off and relax, reset, and refocus for the new opportunity ahead. I have limited time off work, but my remote office allows me to have a little flexibility in our scenery. Not wishing to spend money on a far away trip or travel accommodations, we looked to the family beach house on the Jersey Shore. 

With it being the off season, its the perfect time to be down here hiding away. No traffic, slightly less than perfect weather, and gorgeous scenery. We love both seasons equally in this house, and I am particularly partial to blustery days at the beach, so the current setup is perfect. 

A few summers ago...

While the house isn't ready for the summer's festivities yet, we have no open pool or deck furniture out of storage, that is just fine with us. We've set up camp with the bay as our backdrop for a week of quiet together. Boyfriend is working on some school work and organizational strategy for his new role, and I'm working as usual with a different backdrop. 

There's some functional benefit to us being in a family home- laundry can get done en masse and for free (it costs us nearly 7 dollars to do one load of wash/dry in Boston), we can cook on a grill, and we don't wake up to sirens/jackhammers/honking the way we do in the city- but what we are most looking forward to is spending some time disconnected and off the grid. We packed our adult coloring books, I brought knitting (which I haven't done in forever), and our goal setting Powersheets (I have the personal workbook and we use the couples workbook together) to take some time off the grid. It's been a long winter with a lot of firsts and transitions for us, and now that summer has arrived we are really hoping to enter it rejuvenated so we can enjoy everything to the fullest. 

It'll be a week of drinking tea, snuggling up, and taking it easier (although I'm still working)- living our little version of Hygge here at the beach. Is beach hygge a thing? We are making it one :D 

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